Jak napisać esej – To write, but how to write … an essay?

W szkole lub na uczelni, często będzie od Ciebie wymagane napisanie eseju. Jednak jak się za niego zabrać? Stosując się do kilku prostych zasad oraz technik pisania poradzisz sobie z każdym zadaniem.

Whether at school or at university, you will be often required to write an essay. But how to go about it? Keeping to some simple rules and techniques will help you to tackle every writing assignment.

  1. Take some time before the actual writing for some prewriting activities. They will help you to narrow down the topic and to generate some ideas. There are three very useful brainstorming ideas:
    1. Listing – as the name suggests, is making a list of ideas,
    2. Free writing – just write away without too much thinking and look what your mind will come up with,
    3. Clustering – making a so called mind map. You write your topic in a circle in the centre of a piece of paper and write all the ideas that connect with it around that central circle in smaller circles. They all can connect again with more circles leading to more ideas.
  2. Plan your essay by making an outline. It will help you to organize ideas and give them a parallel form for every paragraph.
  3. Write a good topic sentence at the beginning of every paragraph. It has to be a complete sentence presenting one idea. It can be neither too general, nor too specific. What it should do is state clearly what the main idea of the paragraph is, but it should not include any specific details.
  4. Monitor whether each of your paragraphs has
    1. unity, i.e. discusses only one idea and all supporting sentences are directly supporting the topic sentence,
    2. coherence, which you can achieve by repeating key nouns frequently, using pronouns consistently, using transition signals to show the relationship of one idea to the next, and, finally, stating ideas in some kind of logical order.
  5. Write a good concluding sentence at the end of each paragraph. It has to signal the end of the paragraph. It can summarize the important points briefly or restate the topic sentence in different words.

Here is a short plan how you can cope with writing an essay:

  1. Prewriting
    1. Narrow down the topic
    2. Brainstorm through listing, free writing or clustering.
  2. Planning (or Outlining)
    1. Make sublists
    2. Write topic sentences
    3. Write an outline
  3. Writing and Revising Drafts
    1. Write the first rough draft
    2. Revise the content and organization
    3. Proofread the second draft
  4. Writing a final copy

Now, anything clearer? So get pen to paper, or fingers to keys and get writing!

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